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Program Income Authorized for Local Reproduction Previous Edition Usable Standard Form 424A Rev. 7-97 Prescribed by OMB Circular A-102 SECTION C - NON-FEDERAL RESOURCES b Applicant c State d Other Sources e TOTALS 12. For supplemental grants and changes to grants the total amount of the increase or decrease as shown in Columns 1 - 4 Line 6k should be the same as the sum of the amounts in Section A Columns e and f on Line 5. to be generated from this project. Do not add or subtract this amount...
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Who needs Form SF-424a?

This form is used if you want to apply for a grant under some non-construction programs. This form is designed so that the individual can apply for different funds from more than one program.  

What is the purpose of the SF-424a form?

The Budget Information form provides the details about the applicant’s budget. This information is used by the granter agencies to make the decision about the grant. That’s why it is very important to complete the form very accurately and add as many details as possible. The granter agency will give the exact sum of money, and the applicant should think over all the expenses in advance.

What other documents must accompany the SF-424a form?

This form is accompanied by the appropriate Application for a Grant under a specific non-construction program. The granter agency may ask for other supporting documents if required.

When is the Budget Information form due?

This form is completed when the individual has a project and the resources (except money) for its realization. The estimated time for completing the Budget Information form is 180 minutes.

What information should be provided in the Budget Information form?

The form contains the following information for the completion:

  • Budget summary (grant program function or activity; catalog of federal domestic assistance number; estimated obligated funds; new or revised budget)
  • Budget summary (grant program, function or activity): personnel, fringe benefits, travel, equipment, supplies, contractual, construction, total direct charges, indirect charges)
  • Program income
  • Non-Federal resources
  • Forecasted cash needs (federal and non-federal)
  • Budget estimates of federal funds needed for balance of the project
  • Other budget information

What do I do with the form after its completion?

The completed form and the appropriate application is forwarded to the chosen grantor agency.

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Instructions and Help about form sf 424
Hello everybody and welcome to the second in our fiscal year 2014 series of LIH EAP webinars this webinar is brought to you by the Office of Community Services in conjunction with our contractor the National Energy Assistance Directors Association, and today we're going to be talking about a new form that will be required of you as part of the LIH EAP model plan and it is called a standard form 424 the standard form 424 or SF 424 s I'm going to refer to it from now on in this webinar is a government-wide form that is being implemented by all programs in the administration for children and families it is basically akin to the plan cover sheet that you have been accustomed to completing every year it asks many of the same questions that the plan cover sheet used to ask except now it's going to be in ADC and it will be part of the LIHEAP model plan it will be the first section of the LIH EAP model plan when you start completing the LIH EAP model plan in Oh L DC for submission this September first, so it's going to be very similar to the cover sheet that you have done in the past general overview items about this form each field in the form will have an asterisk next to it or not have an asterisk if there is an asterisk next to the question in the form then that an answer is required to that question o LDC you will not let you submit the form and remember this form is part of your model plan, so you won't be able to submit the model plan without answering all the required questions in this form there's some new fields that are in the form that you have not seen in the past such as the organizational D UN s Duns number and congressional districts that are being served by you with LIH EAP funds another new thing that is going to be implemented as a result of this form is when you complete the form and complete all the other sections of the LIH EAP model plan and hit certify and submit in AU LDC that is going to be the new way that you sing the plan the sixteen LIHEAP assurances and they're required LIH EAP certifications and we'll go through how to do that and what that means in just a little so there are going to be questions in the form that are required and there are going to be questions in the form that will not have an asterisk, and it won't be required because this is a government-wide form not every field will apply to LIH EAP so where there is no asterisk you do not have to answer that question for example question for B the federal award identifier number you won't have that information, so you won't have to complete it it has no asterisk when you first log into the form the first thing you will see with data pre-populated will be your address make sure that you check that very carefully the address is populated based on information that oh L DC has about you as the grantee if the address is incorrect please update that information so that our records are accurate the form is going to ask like I mentioned for your organizational Duns number...
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